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FLEX SLIM ™ is a slimming corset specially developed to reshape your figure and refine your height from 7 to 12 centimeters in one movement. It strengthens your lap belt for a flat stomach effect.
Feel instantly attractive, irresistible and mysterious with the magic of FLEX SLIM ™!

FLEX SLIM ™ adapts perfectly to the morphology of its user and this includes both the abdominal and pelvic strap. It gives you beautiful curves instantly but the actions of FLEX SLIM ™ slimming do not stop there! Indeed, this equipment would also have a function of relief at the level of the lumbar and would improve the posture by keeping the back straight.

FLEX SLIM ™ has a fat burning effect. This is due to its heating action, which, thanks to the heat produced at the level of the abdominal strap will burn fat present at this level and eliminate all the bad toxins contained in the body.


And when you put on FLEX SLIM ™, you do not want to eat a lot. The reason is that wearing the corset narrows your stomach. This is a very effective bustier that, according to some women users, begins to produce results after three weeks.

FLEX SLIM ™ compresses your waist well and will provide you with perfect comfort and unprecedented elegance. Good for the postpartum period, it is also used for sport. In everyday life, you can put it under your clothes.

FLEX SLIM ™ promotes deep compression of your waist to provide you with a flat belly and a sleek body.

The strong points
FLEX SLIM ™ is easily worn under clothing and this one hides the apples of love without any problem and without pressing on the organs.
Flat belly effect guaranteed in all discretion.
FLEX SLIM ™ slimming is comfortable to wear: neither discomfort nor pain are felt. It can also be worn as soon as you want.
FLEX SLIM ™ burns fat thanks to its heating action on the abdominal strap.
Visible results quickly.

  • Posture is improved and back pain is limited.

Wear it over or under your clothes, at the gym, at home, at work or at a party. Enjoy the double velcro adjustment for optimal sizing accuracy.


Waist circumference is measured just above the belly button.
If you are hesitating between two sizes, we suggest you choose the larger one for more comfort.
  Le tour de taille
S 63 - 82 cm
M 83 - 92 cm
L 93 - 102 cm
XL 103 - 112 cm
XXL 113 - 122 cm
XXXL 123 - 132 cm